Are you looking for something a little  different? A cube session is where it's at! Showcase your entire family or just your kids! Great for holiday cards or for a play room. Cube sessions are a fun way to have a quick shoot with adorable results!

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Cube Sessions

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How We Make Photo Magic Happen

Cube sessions are a little different. Before the cube session I need to know what kind of box session you want to do! We will have you come in to our studio for an in person consultation! We need to find out what you want these photos for. Photography is all about shooting with the end in mind. Are you looking for a wall display, announcement cards or something else? We want a cube session that represents you.  Are you looking for a valentines theme, prop or prop-less, or a color style? And finally what are you wearing to this epic session? We work with you from start to finish to make your vision a reality!

The Pre-Session Consultation

Step one: We plan it.

Not going to lie, shoot-day is my FAVORITE! I know for some people shoot-day can be a little nerve wracking, but working together, I know we are going to have a blast and you will find that your worries will be a thing of the past! Cubes sessions take place in our studio in Skokie. And they go by super fast! We are all planned out prior to the session so you can relax and play for the camera! 

Taking photos should be FUN. And, your shoot day will be!

Step two: It's shoot day!

1-3 weeks after your session comes the fun part! You will  come down to the studio to choose your photos for your grid!

You will get to see and touch all of our awesome samples and select which images of yours you want to display! We understand how hard it is to make the decisions and the best part is, we aim to do it in one sitting and crank it out in one meeting. 

Depending on your package chosen 4-6 weeks later you will receive your products!

Pick your Photos!

Step three: Post-Production

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Session starts at $275

- 30 minute session

- Tons of different poses 

- Styling and shot list 

- Strategy plan for photo usage

you'll receive:

Box of Memories

that's what I want!


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