Welcoming a newborn into your family is a special occasion filled with countless precious moments. As a parent, you’ll want to preserve these fleeting moments in beautiful newborn photos that you can cherish forever. But when is the best time to schedule a newborn photography session? 

Why Timing Matters

Newborns grow and change at an astonishing rate, especially in the first few weeks. The timing of your photography session is crucial to capturing those quintessential newborn traits—tiny hands and feet, sleepy smiles, and the delicate, curled-up newborn photography poses that are distinctive of a newborn’s early days. Understanding the stages of a newborn’s development will help you choose the perfect time for your session.

The Golden Window: 5 to 14 Days Old

The ideal time for a newborn photography session is within the first two weeks of life, typically between 5 to 14 days old. During this period, several factors make it easier to capture those adorable and special newborn photographs:

  1. Sleepiness: Newborns tend to sleep a lot during their first two weeks. Their deep sleep allows newborn photographers to pose them in adorable, curled-up positions without disturbing their slumber. This sleepy state also makes it easier to capture those peaceful expressions and dreamy smiles.
  2. Flexibility: In the first two weeks, newborns are still accustomed to the curled-up position they held in the womb. This natural flexibility makes it easier to achieve those sweet, curled newborn photography poses that are often seen in newborn photography.
  3. Minimal Baby Acne: Newborn acne and skin conditions, such as baby acne, tend to appear after the first two weeks. Scheduling your session within the first 14 days minimizes the likelihood of skin issues that might be distracting in newborn photos. However any good newborn photographer will include retouching to remove any acne that does occur. 

Planning Ahead

To ensure you secure a spot within this golden window, it’s advisable to book your newborn photography session well in advance, preferably during your pregnancy. Most professional photographers understand the unpredictable nature of birth and will offer a flexible booking that can be adjusted based on your baby’s actual arrival.

What If You Miss the Window?

If circumstances prevent you from scheduling a session within the first 14 days, don’t worry. Beautiful newborn photos can still be taken after this period, though the approach may differ slightly. After two to three weeks, babies become more alert and less flexible, so the focus may shift from posed shots to more natural, lifestyle newborn photography that captures the interactions and bonds between family members and the newborn and more wrapped poses instead of naked baby or in outfits.

Newborns can be considered newborn up to 28 days and every baby is different. The best newborn photographers can find success with newborns up to 5 weeks old. 

There are of course exceptions with premature babies and it is important to factor in the adjusted age. 

Tips for a Successful Newborn Photography Session

  • Communicate your preferences to the photographer 
  • Be sure the photographer has all the props, backdrops, and outfits you would like, most newborn photographers have studios with an abundance of props. You should not need to provide your own.
  • Timing Is Key: Schedule the session for the morning when your baby is usually sleepy, as this increases the likelihood of capturing peaceful, sleepy poses.
  • Be Patient: Newborn photography requires patience. Allow plenty of time for feeding, changing, and soothing your baby to ensure a relaxed and enjoyable session.

Finding Newborn Photography Near Me

When searching for “newborn photographers near me,” look for photographers who specialize in newborns. Check their portfolios to see examples of their work. Choosing a photographer who understands the nuances of working with newborns will ensure a successful and smooth experience.

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The Ideal Time to Schedule a Newborn Photography Session

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